‘He is a monster, a predator and responsible for Boko Haram’ – Femi Fani Kayode lashes Senator Yerima


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The following is the latest statement from Femi Fani Kayode, in response to Ahmed Yerima’s claim that he can give away his own daughter at the age of 6 years old in the name of religion.

”If I had any doubts that the self-confessed pedophile Senator Ahmed Sani was of the devil before today, I have long since shed those doubts.
Ahmed is not only evil but he is also a very sick man. In any civilized society, he would be either be behind bars or he would be in a mental hospital.
We as a people need to protect the girl-child from self-righteous sexual predators like him.
He not only thrives on under-age sex and child rape but he boasts about it and seeks to justify it with his Islamic faith.
He forgets that in 95 per cent of Muslim countries in the world today child-marriage, child-sex, child-porn and pedophilia are specifically banned and outlawed by law.
Are those people and nations not Muslims too? Is he a better Muslim than them?
Are the Muslims of southern Nigeria in Yoruba land who have collectively refused to indulge in vile practices like pedophilia, child- marriage, child-rape and child-sex and who consider such things to be an abomination not Muslims too?
As far as I am concerned they are the true muslims and they are far better and more civilised than Ahmed Sani’s brand.
It is time to stand up to this monster called Yerima and those that think like him once and for all no matter what the consequences are.
First he introduced political sharia into Nigerian politics in 2001 which, a few years later, resulted in the meteoric rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the north and Boko Haram.
Now he seeks to introduce and legitimize child sex and pedophilia in our country by propagating and peddling a false interpretation of Islam and bringing that beautiful faith into disrepute and opprobrium.
Nothing sickens me more than this man and those that think like him and be rest assured that I and many others will call him out on this one.
We must all stand up and say ”NO MORE” to this rubbish and sheer wickedness and that ”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

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  1. Kunle Ogundare says

    I was not surprise reading the devil’s incarnate’s view on child marriage because a black goat will never give birth to a white sheep. I will totally agree with Fani-Kayode that Yerima is a devil and sick. Yerima is an animal and not fit to leave among human beings

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