Hidden Secrets Of Nigerian Casinos? FOX9JA Takes A Closer Look

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In a bid to understand the tips and tricks behind the operation of online casinos in Nigeria, FOX9JA has made discoveries which are aimed at enlightening the general public. This was shared in a public release sent to the Herald on Thursday, 7th August 2019.

To illustrate the point, did you know that there is no Merrybet bonus for signing up? FOX9JA reviewed their casino and found out this was the case. In their Merrybet review, they reveal that Merrybet only gives out a bonus when you refer a friend to the site. The Merrybet bonus gives you half of their first losses. But to your surprise, you’ll also find out that if you play at the casino often you can contact them on the live-chat for free bets as a second Merrybet bonus.

Why would they do this? Is it perhaps the case that Merrybet is more interested in having consumers help them grow their company rather than growing it themselves? These are the kinds of questions people who bet in online casinos in Nigeria need to be asking themselves.

There are many forms of secrets at Nigerian casinos are hiding. And FOX9JA took a look to uncover them all. One thing they looked at was the true size of the casinos in Nigeria. There are casinos that appear to be huge and trustworthy. But when they dug deep into them they found out they were quite small. Then there were the casinos that looked to be local but their investigation found out that they were run by international companies.

Then there are the casinos that are set up for the wealthy. To illustrate this point, have you ever heard of Betking? They have a welcome bonus that starts at 50 naira, which is normal. But on that first bonus, they will match your funds up to 100,000 naira. That’s a strong indication that they are targeting more wealthy gamblers – who know where to go to chase the money and win big.

FOX9JA does everything they can to find out details like this that a responsible gambler needs to know about before they make their first bet. Where would you go? To the Merrybet bonus, where you have to contact your friends; or to the Betking bonus, where you can just get money for yourself?

Profit can also be an indication of what type of online casino you are dealing with. There is one casino, for example, that makes 10 times more than what any other casino makes. Knowing just how much profit a casino is bringing in can make a huge difference when you are deciding to place your wager.

FOX9JA also took a look at the size of the bets placed on each casino. A casino that is only processing huge bets from a few wealthy people might have insider information that is only available to them. But a casino that is making money off of a lot of smaller bets is probably more open and honest and liked by the people.

Nairabet only asks that you put in 50 naira to access their welcome offer. That’s together with Betking far lower than any casino. And it implies a deep connection to the average gambler. Yet they will still provide you with matching funds up to 50,000 naira if you have more money.

They want to support the casino in their quest to be a good provider for the common man. This may lead to either you or them to have some nairabet profit, wouldn’t it? The thing is, the  average punter in Nigeria has not been given this information before. Instead, they generally go to the movies and see ads for various online casinos. The ads make every casino look great. That makes it very difficult for the average gambler to know the difference and be able to make a choice that’s in their own best interest.

One instance is that for their welcome offer Bet9Ja only offers matching funds up to 1,000 naira. And you have to play this money through 10 times. Yet the minimum deposit to take advantage of their welcome bonus is still 100 naira which is twice more than depositing for a minimum nairabet bonus. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

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Of course, having maximum funds of 1,000 naira is certainly much better than Merrybet where the Merrybet bonus doesn’t exist at all. This is why the Merrybet review and the reviews they make of other Nigerian casinos are so important.

FOX9JA got their information from a combination of public records and contacts they made who work inside the casinos. This allowed them to go behind the scenes and find out the real truth of what’s going on.

They then had their design guys present the data in a way that is easy for anyone in Nigeria to look at and easily understand. One graphic, for example, shows you the difference in profits for every casino that is operating in Nigeria.

FOX9JA will also tell you the secrets of who owns the various casinos. Knowing whether or not it’s a local operator or part of an international business just sending the money back to the UK can be a crucial deciding point when a gambler is making their bet.

This data was not easy for FOX9JA to find. But they were determined. They believed that uncovering and releasing the information would be a public service. Showing people the truth about what is happening with casinos in Nigeria would set the common man free and let them make the right choice about where to place their bets.

Make no mistake. This is information the Nigerian casinos wanted to be kept private. But FOX9JA believes that exposing what is going on is very important. And when they found out the truth they knew they needed to share it with the Nigerian people.

There are also full reviews for each casino that operates in Nigeria. This is great because you can scan each casino review to find out the information that matters to you. The average punter may not care about a welcome bonus but have a lot of friends. That makes the Merrybet refer a friend offer very interesting. Or they may be a loner who just wants to bet as much as possible – for them Betking would be the way to go.


Tsemaye is a Senior Editor and Legal Analyst.

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