Revealed: The 7 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria


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Everyone just wants to be successful and knowing the right career path to enter into or diversify into is a very important part of life from young adulthood almost until retirement.


In Nigeria, the minimum wage is N18,000 but there are some jobs that pay even in the millions range on a monthly basis if you have the right certificate, skills and employment.


We have ranked the 7 highest paying jobs in Nigeria, according to compensation.


7. Hackers/Software Programmers/IT Security Analysts

The demand for programmers well versed in Javascript, PHP, Java and JQuery is on the increase and we predict a more lucrative atmosphere for highly skilled ethical hackers and programmers. Ethical Hackers are rarer to find in Nigeria and the situation will not likely improve much in 2014. Ethical Hackers work to improve cybersecurity, prevent security breaches and maintain the security of web and online platforms. As more and bigger business starts to get conducted online corporations and companies are getting to ensure low risk of the security breach on online operations thus IT Security Analyst and Hacking careers are looking more lucrative.


6. IT/Telecom Engineers

IT engineers are responsible for the implementation of all software and hardware solutions in an organisation and the position may include training, hardware/software, administration duties and support. As the IT and telecom industries are becoming fiercer in 2014 skilled IT and Telecom engineers will be more in demand and earn more.


5. Project Managers
Project Managers most time plan, lead a team and execute on varied projects within their organisations. While Project managers’ salaries vary depending on the prestige of the company Senior Project Managers are expected to be well-experienced managers who most time carry out and supervise ambitious projects ranging from setup up new manufacturing plants to roll out of telecom products and so on. Project Manager jobs in Telecom, big Manufacturing firms, oil & gas, banking, FCMG earn big pay packets


4. Commercial Airline Pilots

Dominated by expatriates, pilots in the country are still among top earners. Indications are that as more airlines join the airspace in Nigeria to make things even more interesting and competitive well trained and skilled pilots will command more pay as they will be in more demand.


3. Investment Bankers

Investment bankers help companies, governments and their agencies to raise money by issuing and selling securities in the primary market. They assist public and private corporations in raising funds in the capital markets (both equity and debt), as well as in providing strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and other types of financial transactions.” They mostly work in Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Management companies, Investment advisory and consulting firms etc.


2. Petroleum/Production Engineers

Highly skilled engineers in the various production aspects of the petroleum industry are among the best paid professional careers in the country.


1. Aerospace Engineering

There is hardly any quality, functioning aerospace engineering and technical department in Nigerian universities. Aerospace engineers working in the country’s aviation sector got their professional and technical training outside the shores of the country and get paid handsomely. They are most likely licensed aircraft engineers and it’s a tasking profession that requires continuous technical expertise and sound judgement. Pilots earn well but do not come near the pay packet of aeronautical engineers.

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