His and her 4 biggest needs in a relationship


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Men and women are so different in many ways; physically, emotionally and they even think differently. The sooner we begin to recognize these facts and respect each others differences the healthier relationships we are bond to have.

In a relationship, his biggest need is respect and her biggest need is LOVE.

Women wants you to love them and show it! Most women have a deep and abiding need for love and most men have an equal need for respect. This is displayed in both our words and our actions. Women long to hear the phrase, “I love you”with frequency and authenticity and men long to hear phrases of respect and appreciation like “Thank you” or “I appreciate you” with the same frequency.

In the bedroom, she needs you to be sensitive and he has a need for high frequency

Most men are all about the body in the bedroom and forget there is another part to it. Men tend to (not always) have a greater need for high frequency in the bedroom, but they also need to be sensitive to the fact that wives are wired differently. Mutual pleasure and connectedness in the bedroom requires the husband to be sensitive to his wife’s need for emotional connectedness and not just the physical act itself.

Now in communication, she needs frequency he needs activity

While most women just like to talk, men like to do something while talking. The need for frequent communication for most women tends to be as important as the need for frequent sex for most men. When I say “activity” as a communication need for men, I mean that women tend to view communication/conversation as an activity in and of itself, but for men, we tend to base communication around some other activity. The activity could be something as simple as going on a walk or a drive or working together on a project. It tends to help men open up more.

In a home her biggest concern is security while his biggest concern is peace

Most wives want the home to be a “safe place” where their husband is working in partnership with them to meet the family’s needs and providing stability and security (financial, physical and in all other ways). For men, most want the home to be a refuge where they can experience tranquility away from the pressures of work and life. Every home (especially with young kids), will have plenty of moments of noise and chaos, but overall, work together with your spouse to create an atmosphere of encouragement, support, safety and tranquility for everyone under your roof.

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