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History Is Made As Muslim Lady Contests For Miss Minnesota USA Pageant

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A nineteen-year-old Muslim girl, Halima Aden, has taken the bold step to contest for the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.


In the history of the pagentry, it’s been said that no Muslim has boldly contested because of their views and reservations.

Halima was among the 44 women who walked the stage in lovely outfits and bikinis, during the pageant’s signature swimwear segment.

The Muslim beauty scaled to the semifinal round of 15 but unfortunately did not advance to the final stage of five contestants.

The young lady adorned her clothing with mostly a headscarf, which covered her arms and neck. She countered the notion that Muslims were oppressed and could not come out of their shelter.


Halima had assured everyone before contesting that she won’t compromise her religion in the course of the event and that she will also have the opportunity  to prove to all that Muslim ladies can also be expressive without their hijabs holding them back.


The winner of the pageant will represent the entire state of Minnesota in the Miss USA competition.



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