HIV Scandal Rocks University Of Zimbabwe, Over Half Of Student Population Tests Positive

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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The University of Zimbabwe has tightened its grip on inter-residence visits between male and female students of the school following an HIV test statistics which records over 50 percent of the students to be positive and infected.

According to The Chronicle, the Statistics of students living with HIV on the University campus was revealed following a free HIV test that took place on the University campus.

The statistics came back with a staggering 47 percent positive results for students on the campus.

Confirming the result, the Vice Chancellor of the Oldest Tertiary Institution in the country, Levi Nyagura said: “The grim statistics of sexually transmitted diseases at the institution have forced us to have a limit for inter-residence visits between female and male students. We have consulted lots of parents and all of them do not want to promote promiscuity by allowing students to enjoy married lifestyles by staying with their girlfriends in the halls of residence,”

In reaction to the Vice Chancellor’s orders, Jimmy Wilford, the Director of Saywhat, an organisation with the mission to raise awareness about HIV said the Vice Chancellor’s orders might raise and send out the wrong message as regards the disease.

Jimmy wilford noted that some students who tested positive to the virus may have been born with the disease.

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