Homevida to host Policy makers at 2018 Zuma film festival

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The Nigerian Film Integrity Awards (Homevida)  with support from Google is set to host policy makers to a one-day training and panel discussion on “promoting safety across online platforms through established control measures, people sensitization and self-regulation”.

This was disclosed in an emailed statement signed by Nnenna Eze, the Communication Officer for Public & Private Development Centre (PPDC), Homevida’s parent organisation.

The statement read in part, “Homevida  is a unique platform that provides incentives for young scriptwriters and filmmakers to promote integrity values using film while influencing the wider public. Homevida also aims to influence the types of film produced in Nollywood.

“The purpose of this is to engage with relevant stakeholders who will discuss and highlight the benefits of the internet and also educate Citizens on the effects of hate speech and importance of fact checking information to curb the spread of fake news.

“Homevida would also be engaging and training policy makers to use their institutions to influence the discourse of using the internet to promote democracy. The training would be conducted by her partner organization Empower Resource Perform (ERP)

“The Panel discussion and training would be featured during the Zuma film festival. The Zuma Film Festival is Nigeria’s foremost film festival organized by Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC). The festival seeks to recognize and reward excellence in  the Nigeria motion picture industry. It is also a platform for Nigerian film professional to interact and exchange ideas and network with their foreign counterparts from other film cultures.”

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