Homosexualism On The Increase Despite 14 Years Jail Term

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Despite the Nigerian law passed during the Goodluck Jonathan administration allowing up to 14 years imprisonment for persons caught engaging in homosexual acts, new reports indicate that the act has continued to spread more in the country.

A Nigerian man, Emmanuel Stephens in a chat with Chijioke Iremeka admitted to being a repentant homosexual. He further admitted to having restructured and stitching his anus three times during his days as an homosexual, an act which he was reportedly forced into by his master whom

Speaking also on the widespread of homosexuality in the nation, a popular trader who boasts of over 15 stalls in Ladipo Motor Parts Market in Mushin, Lagos State was reportedly told by a friend, Victor Ibezi, his secret to riches.

He said: “I have been admiring the wealth of this man and he drives clean cars. We all sell motor parts but I didn’t know he has something else. One day, the man called me and said, ‘Victor, you want to be like me?’ I said ‘yes’. And he asked me to follow him. We entered a public toilet, he removed his pant and showed me blood stained pampers and said, ‘This is what we do for money. I blend homosexualism with drugs’.

“If you are interested, come, I will make you. When I saw and heard what he said, I opened my mouth agape and he laughed and said, ‘You don’t want to be like me. I’m not a cultist. I have showed you what I do.’ I was surprised because we all pursue the same trade. This is a very clean man that drives the latest model of G-Wagon. I didn’t accept the offer because I’m married and I didn’t know how to hide it from my wife.”

A medical practitioner and a surgeon at Hannah Hospital, Lagos Island, Dr. (Mrs.) Chioma Udenwa who also confirmed the geometric spread of homosexuality in the nation said she had personally restructured more than 11 anuses of men across the nation.

She said: “These are young handsome men. Once they come to the hospital and meet a particular doctor and confide in him, they will never have any business with another person.

“Any time they come and that particular doctor is not on seat, they will go back. They want somebody that will keep their secret and that is why they deal with a particular doctor at a time but they can go to another doctor on the matters that are not related to their gay life.

“I treat them because they pay well. But treating them is another disgusting thing because you would see anus of different perimeters.

“To some, theirs have torn over three inches wide or more but when we suture it, it tightens a bit to hold back faeces but the person will still wear pampers.”

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