Horror: Doctor amputates Live baby’s hand During Birth Claiming he was dead

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Doctors are meant to save the lives of their patients and not endanger them based on the Hipprotic oath sworn at their induction.

Introspectively, it means that they must be able to make the best decisions for the patients after an appropriate diagnosis with which there has to be little or no margin for error depending on how the critical the patient’s case may be.

However, it is with an alarming incidence that this may not be the case with some doctors, as stories have made rounds about diagnosis made in error which in the long run cost the patient his/her life.

Such negligence was brought to the fore again today as a Facebook user narrated how a baby’s arm was amputated because the doctor thought he was dead.

The user took to her facebook account to narrate how the doctor, out of negligence without proper diagnosis presumed the baby dead and amputated the baby’s arm without the consent of the actual parents of the child.


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