Housewife in Police Trouble for Killing Step-Daughter with Insecticide

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Housewife in Police Trouble for Killing Step-Daughter with Insecticide

Events which were previously thought to only happen in stories and fables came to life in Niger state, Northern Nigeria where a housewife has been arrested by the police for the murder of her step daughter.

The housewife identified as 20 year old Zulac Kabiru was arrested by the police in Niger State for allegedly killing her eight-month-old stepdaughter at Danauta village in the Mariga Local Government Area of the state.

Zulac allegedly carried out this dastardly act by feeding the infant with a locally-made insecticide popularly known as ‘ota piapia’ to the baby of her co-wife, Rukaiya Kabiru, to drink on 9th of September 2018.

It was gathered that prior to the murder, both women who are co-wives Rukaiya had been having a disagreement which they could not resolve among themselves.

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The Husband of the house, Kabiru Labbo subsequently alerted the police to arrest one of his wives upon the murder of his infant daughter.

The housewife however confessed to the crime, stating that there had been trouble within the family since her co-wife was brought to the house.

 “I warned my husband against marrying another wife, but he didn’t listen. The second wife was in the habit of insulting and assaulting me at all times and one day I decided to poison her eight-month-old daughter to increase her sorrow; so that she will learn how to respect her superiors in the family.

Before my husband married her, I kicked against the move. We have been living in peace but when she came, she divided the family. My husband gave her more attention and since then our family has been in shambles.” She said

She however showed some remorse for her action and blamed the devil saying “It was the work of the devil; I didn’t know when I did it, it was a wicked act,”

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