How A Friend Snatched My Husband – Lady Narrates


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A Nigerian lady has narrated a very disheartening story of how a friend who squatted in her house tried to ruin her marriage.
Rachael Daniel, the Nigerian lady posted a picture of her friend on Facebook and warned people to beware of her. She stated the woman is evil,

According to her post, her friend who had no house had squatted with her for a stint, she also helped her in looking for a job and even prayed to God to bless her with a husband since she was unmarried and in desperate need of one.

However, in return the woman chastised her, and whispered things into her husband’s ear turning him against her to the extent she had to move out from her matrimonial home. Her friend then proceeded to move in with her husband.

After the husband could not take it anymore he came back apologising and confessing what happened, that’s how she realized her friend was the one behind all her misfortune at her matrimonial home.

She wrote:

“This picture should go viral please, this is to all lady’s married and those in good relationship, her name is Rita Abba n use to be a very gud friend until she squat In my home n at d tym she really wants to find a man n marry, most times i pray for her, look for jobs for her thou she always don’t want to work,made her part of my family, gave her home. Never knew she had always wanted my man she tried to take my family in fact she almost succeeded but God is Awesome.I n hubby got separated for some months n he kept d kids n she Rita Abba behind me to take my place.things where moving well for her n my family, she took my kids to gboko of Benue to be with my sister in law n came back to cut long short, hubby couldn’t live with it so he came for confession, she had been the source of all mishap n conflicts. Watch out for this girl who is working for the devil n against God. She is out to destroy peaceful homes,families n relationships. Share this post n u may be saving a marriage or relationship. #ithurtstobebetrayedbyafriend.”


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