How Canada’s New Immigration Policy Can Be A Serious Problem For Nigerians

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Hard Times for Nigerian Immigrants as Canada Tightens Assylum Rules

Canada has put in place a new immigration policy that could affect a lot of Nigerians and reduce the number that can get in for asylum purposes.

The new policy makes it so that border-crossers with criminals become a top deportation priority.

Nigerians are one of the nations with the highest number of asylum seekers in the world with many of them going to Canada from the USA with valid visas after a short stay

With the number of Nigerians seeking greener pastures in the North American country skyrocketing, the Canadian government actively sought ways to combat the problem, finally settling on this one.

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What the new measure means in essence is that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the body responsible for checking people coming into the country now have the authority to process through deportation cases faster.

This is a departure from the past when claimants could live in Canada for years while their applications were processed.

The new measure was put in place to deter people with weak claims from coming into the country with lawyer, Lorne Waldman saying: “The best way of discouraging people from making frivolous claims is by having the claims processed quickly,”

This could be a huge issue for Nigerians with many seeking to make a new life for themselves in Canada

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