How Chelsea Missed out on Mbappe Signing In 2012- Report

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Kylian Mbappe is without a doubt the most successful 19-year-old footballer on the planet right now.

The France international has now won the Ligue 1 title twice, Coupe de la Ligue and Coupe de France trophies and the World Cup!

He’s also piling on the goals for French giants PSG week in, week out and this is in a forward line that already features Edison Cavani and Neymar.

But he could well have been pulling on the blue of Chelsea if the London club had taken a chance on him back in 2012.

In a report found on, a former scout for the 3-time Premier League champions, Serge Daniel Boga, disclosed that Mbappe even had a trial at Chelsea and impressed, but didn’t come back when he was asked to come for a second trial.

The player’s mother on finding out that they wanted her son back for another trial said that it was a take it or leave it offer.

Speaking to Goal, Boga said: “Chelsea were the first ones to give him a trial. We did it before Real Madrid. I had a friend who worked for Nike, Denis Chantron, and when I was in France, we met and he said ‘Have you heard of this young boy called Mbappe? He plays for Bondy, this small club from the suburbs of Paris.’

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“I said I hadn’t and he said ‘You have to watch him.’ I went there and watched him and I called him back straight away and I said ‘Listen, this boy is really something.’

“I told Chelsea about him and let them do their thing. I called everyone at Chelsea whom I dealt with, like Jim Fraser. I said ‘Listen, I have this kid you have to look at.

“I brought him over with his family. He was skilful, like he is now. He played against Charlton and won 7-0.

“After a week at Chelsea, we went into the office. We said ‘Listen, we appreciate what we saw from you but we have to invite you back for another trial and we’ll see after that.

According to Boga, the problem at the time seemed to be that Mbappe’s defensive contribution. For all his skill and talent, 2012 Mbappe just wasn’t very hardworking in the defensive aspect of his game.

His mother was adamant, however, and threatened that if Chelsea didn’t take him then, they’d have to come back 5 years later with €50 million

“I remember what the mother said to this day. She spoke in French to Fraser and I was translating. She said to me, ‘Listen, my boy won’t be coming back. If they want him they have to take him now or in five year’s time they will be coming back to buy him for €50 million!'” Boga said

“That’s what she said to me! I said, ‘No I can’t say that to them. It is too cocky for me.’

“She was right, though. It wasn’t even €50m but €180m that someone would pay. So, she knew the quality of her son and she was right.“

Chelsea must be ruing their decision not to sign the PSG forward as he is well on course to become the best player in the World.

At least Boga said he was the best he’d ever scouted; “I think until now, Mbappe is the best player I have ever scouted. I am proud, very proud to see what he has become. When I see him play, I say, ‘Wow, my eyes were good!’

“He is the type of player that everyone wants to watch play. He has everything needed for a modern player. He is fast and in front of goal he is a killer. He has everything to remain one of the best players for 10 years.”



Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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