How Customer Tried To Kill Me After Failing To Pay For Service – Sex Worker


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Eighteen-year-old Faith Nuel, a Lagos-based commercial sex worker, has accused a client, Chizoba Ayogu, of attempting to suffocate her to death after refusing to pay her for services rendered.

According to Vanguard, the incident occurred in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos on May 24.

Nuel said, “I was in my hotel room when a customer, Chizoba Ayogu, entered and we bargained. After sex, I was surprised that the man tried to suffocate me with my pillow.

“He blocked my nostrils and my mouth with the pillow. He later tied a rope around my neck and hung me. If not for the timely intervention of some of the hotel staff who rescued me, I would have died.

Ayogu, 36, has since denied the allegation.

He said, “I live at 7, Abdullahi Street, Kirikiri, Apapa Lagos.

“After work, I went with the girl to the hotel room and after sex I gave her the money, which she said was not enough.

“She asked for more money. We started arguing and she said that I wanted to use rope on her. But the truth is that I did not attempt to kill her.”

But the police who responded to a distress call from the hotel reportedly found injuries on the alleged victim’s neck.

The police also said that when Ayogu was arrested some days later at another hotel, a rope and hand glove were found on him.

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