How Does Artificial Intelligence Change The Sports Industry?


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It is now hard to imagine life without artificial intelligence. It is used in almost all areas of life. It is also increasingly found in sports, as technical innovations are no longer a rarity in this area. Among other things, it helps to improve the performance of both professional and amateur athletes. But artificial intelligence can also help with data analysis and processing. In the USA, the use of artificial intelligence in the field of sports is already part of everyday life.

The role of artificial intelligence in football

Especially in the context of match analysis and scouting, football clubs are increasingly making use of artificial intelligence as a reliable helper. With the help of this technology, it is possible to record and evaluate every single action of the game. The absolute advantage of match evaluation via an AI lies in the fact that the evaluation takes place completely objectively.

If the data is evaluated correctly, this approach is very promising. But AI is not only used in professional soccer to analyze match progress and revise it accordingly. The potential of individual players can also be determined based on the data determined by AI. However, artificial intelligence analyses are in no way intended to replace the work of scouts. Rather, they are used to support them in their work and possibly make a preliminary selection or point out players with particularly high potential. It is important that the AI not only assesses the playing talent of a player, but also his personality. Opinions about the player expressed by third parties are used as a basis for this. Artificial intelligence uses the Internet as a source for this characterization.

Talent scouts are supported by AI in weighing up the possible advantages and disadvantages of a player transfer. The AI’s detailed analysis, which can determine playing behavior as well as personality and future market value, gives the talent scout a detailed overview without creating more work for him. The long-term goal of this approach is to minimize bad decisions as much as possible.


Artificial intelligence is not only relied on on the area of scouting or final match analysis in soccer. This technology is also increasingly used during matches. The accuracy of the referees’ decisions can be supported by the application of AI. With the help of video evidence, the referees can determine in case of doubt whether a player was offside during the action or whether the goal was scored. Since such situations are sometimes only a matter of millimeters, they often cannot be detected with 100 percent accuracy by the human eye.

While the start-up company focuses on programming, the soccer club participates in the development by providing the necessary expertise.


Have you heard anything about RoboСup? It is an international research initiative that has been running since 1997. According to its website, the goal of the competition is to “promote robotics and AI” with the help of one of the world’s most popular sports. But it’s about more than just robot soccer games. RoboCup has expanded to include rescue robots, robots for home use, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Even referees are robots.

And imagine such a picture… In the not-too-distant future, human coaches may be replaced by AI-driven robots that process the data output from your wearables. Your robotic coach will create a customized and accurate workout program for you. With a data-driven fitness plan, you’ll be able to tailor your workouts based on what you need most and know what to avoid preventing injury. Or you will have the opportunity to enjoy online casino games on with robots. At least, that’s the hope of many researchers working in the field of sports technology.



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