How I Was Scammed On Tinder – Nigerian Man Narrates Experience

A Nigerian man took to his social media page to share a story of how he was duped by a brother of a lady he met via social media platform, Tinder.

The Nigerian man who narrated how he lost his smartphone to the lady’s brother revealed that the incident happened at Jakande estate in Lagos.

He shared the photo below:

And wrote:

“Lol…I met someone on tinder,one Gift Ezeh that invited me for a business talk.I have made a couple of good friends online but this babe’s own was different.She posed as a lady with her businesses going and i introduced myself as a photographer.She sent me lots of pictures but i dint just catch her vibe.

Yesterday, my friends encouraged me to give it a trial since opportunities come in different ways. When I got there,she sent her so called brother to come pick me up.The guy looked like a troubled young man so I took his picture with my phone and sent to my brother plus d number he called me with and the number of the so called sister,then I cleared the chat with my bro.

The guy took me to Jakande estate and we stopped. We sat outside and he went to do something. we got so relaxed outside while waiting for the sis to come out. He asked to use my phone to take a song then he went in to know if the dogs are chained. Na so the guy carry my phone waka.

After waiting for about a minute i snapped out and realized i have been scammed. The estate no be him area and the houses there are all alike.But I have his picture and their numbers.

Na the criminal be this. – #regrann “

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