How I’m successfully using chloroquine for coronavirus patients – New York Dr reveals


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William Grace, a doctor from New York’s Lenox Hill hospital has explained how he is successfully using Hydroxychloroquine to treat acute coronavirus patients.

Dr. Grace explained that there are 100 patients in his hospital and he has not recorded any death for using Hydroxychloroquine.

The doctor who disclosed this in an interview with Laura Ingraham said a big reason older people die from the coronavirus is that their lungs fill up with fluid as part of an immune response to the virus.

According to him, hydroxychloroquine works in both inhibiting the immune response and inhibiting the replication of the virus.

On her her part, Ingraham said: “That affirms what we are hearing is happening in other countries, as Hopefully it will serve as both a cure for the virus and perhaps even a vaccine.”

Watch the video below:

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