How Men Connive with Doctors to escape marriage


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A Medical Doctor has exposed the antics single men employ to lengthen their days of bachelorhood.

According to Ugwunna Ejikem, Nigerian men whose parents do not approve their choice of partners, run to medical doctors to falsify report of AIDS , STIs in order to break up with their girlfriends.

The men who do not have the courage to break up with the ladies hide under a medical ailment as reason for their incompatibility which eventually leads to the end of the relationship.

This has sparked mixed reactions from users who believe parents’ approval should not be the deciding factor in choosing a life partner.

Other users subscribe to the thought that parents are wiser, hence their opinions should be highly valued when choosing a partner.


I really don’t get people that need their parents approval to marry. Maybe you shouldn’t get married if you can’t take responsibility for your relationship


She didn’t say you need the family approval. You need their support.
This is Africa, the problem with most of us is we try to act like westerners forgetting our root.

No matter how you try to think family has a big part to play when it comes to marriage in this part of the world


First off, My parents don’t have a say in who I decide to marry. I didn’t have a say when they decided to marry themselves. I’m not marrying for myself and not for them. But fake genotype and STI Test? Lmao e shock me


Not their approval per say, More like their support. Regardless, the family still matters when making such decision.


There’s this guy, as per only son got forced into marrying who his father wanted by force and left who he wanted to marry, now his father is dead, everyday him and his wife fight like they’re prepping for World War. It’s your own forever not ur parent’s forever.


The only people who do a need parents’ approval are those who are richer than their parents and can gather money for bride price and other stuffs


It’s really sad to see some will date for so long & never for once bring up these issues.

Someone told me to give SS, Hep C & HIV Positive Results because parents didn’t approve of tribe & profession.


“Fake genotype or STI result?” 😲 People go this far🤔? I’m in awe 😭



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