How one Nigerian parent reacted to his daughter going to jail in US (Video)

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Imagine you wake up one morning and a Nigerian policeman in his black on black Khaki shows up at your door and says “you are under arrest.” Your guess is as good as mine, there will be pandemonium. Firstly, your mum will scream in her native lingo saying all sorts of things and mentioning all sorts of names even you can’t comprehend, then your dad will begin to use every English word in the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary to interrogate and make demands of the Officer.

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Here comes the nosey neigbhours showing more concern than they’ve ever bothered to show you your whole life. They probably watch you grow and up until that time you might not even know their names, but on that day you’d know you’re being watched. They will tell the policeman all sorts of things about you good or ill depending on your personality.

The Nigerian parent in the video below did things a little differently, well see for yourselves.


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