4 Ways To Avoid Being Falsely Accused Of Rape


Rape is a serious issue plaguing the Nigerian society and many women and even young girls have been victims of some monsters among us. There have been rare occasions of men being raped in our society too.

Another disturbing issue is the widespread nature of men being falsely accused of rape by disgruntled women or those who have a bone to pick with their alleged assailant.

In the news recently is the case of a young man, Henry Nnaemeka, who as a side hustle drives Taxify to make ends meet. Henry was accused by a young woman, Dorcas Shola Fapson, who is reportedly an actress of attempted rape and kidnapping.

After the details were made public, the court of public opinion seems to believe the actresses story is make believe, and many believe it was a case of a Taxify driver refusing to bend to the whims of a rider and being targeted for that reason.

There are no known cases of men falsely accusing a woman of rape. Women make false accusations of rape against men most commonly for the following reasons:

1. To extort money from the man

2. To gain attention

3. Revenge

4. To cover up sexual activity with someone else

5. To blackmail for money

Here is how to avoid being a victim of a false rape accusation:

  1. If you are a driver for Uber or Taxify, buy yourself a Dash Camera. Here is a link to a video of an Uber driver in New York whose dash camera saved him from false rape allegations. The passenger was eventually banned for life for falsely accusing the driver of rape.
  2. If you are out with a woman and she is drunk or on drugs, please leave her be and let it be seen publicly that you have left her to her own devices. Some women will even break up with you for this but it is better to be safe and single than sorry and together with inmates in Kiri Kiri prison.
  3. Avoid mentally unstable women. It is difficult to spot these kind of women but social media feeds are a good indicator. Browse her Twitter, instagram and Facebook and also check for the sort of comments she leaves on popular Instagram blogs like instablog9ja or Facebook pages.
  4. Some will advocate recording your sexual encounters, however that may be a bit too much for most of us. An easier solution is a consensual sex app like Legal Fling which allows both users to hit accept and will be proof that the sex was consensual. Read about the app concept here.

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  1. Anonymous says

    This article makes it seem like the woman falsely accused the man of sexual assault. If this is true, it should come through in the videos she took. It doesn’t come across that way. What gives the man the right to lay hands on the woman at all? Especially in a dark and secluded area that was NOT where she asked him to take her? Please, let’s stop victim blaming and actually investigate and use common sense.

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