Top 10 Stubborn Stains on Clothes and How to remove them


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At some point, we have all thrown some clothes away because they had one stubborn stain or the other. Well, not anymore. Simple items in your kitchen can help remove these stains completely. Below is a list of top ten stains and how they can be removed.


1. Blood: soak the cloth in a mixture of cold water and salt, that should remove majority if not all of the stain. If it is a stubborn one, spot treat with hydrogen peroxide.
2. Bodily fluid: first rinse with room temperature water, then soak in a mixture of cold water and baking soda for a few minutes. Launder the cloth with detergent as normal after soaking.


3. Coffee, tea or juice: rinse off most it, spot treat with distilled white vinegar, then launder as normal.
4. Deodorant: rub a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water into the stains. Allow it to soak in the mixture for thirty minutes before laundering as normal.


5. Mud and dirt: soak in cold water with a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and white vinegar, before laundering

6. Sweat: soak in a mixture of cold water and salt, then dry in sunshine.

Flying splash yellow liquid on a white background
7. Oils: sprinkle the moist fabric with baking soda, allowing it to blot up excess oil, before laundering.

makeup set

8. Foundation: removing makeup stains can be very tedious. Pre-treat with liquid dish soap, soak in hot water, then launder.

9. Grass: soak in mixture of cold water and your normal laundry detergent before washing.

10. Red wine: mix and apply liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide before blotting the stains away.

The key to getting these stains out completely is to never allow these stains stay for long on your clothes before applying these methods and with that you should get your clothes looking excellent at all times.

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