HP announced it will integrate Tile Tracking into its Laptops


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HP will start integrating Tile tracking into its laptops. The company made this announcement at the CES that it will be the first company to ship the technology in a laptop and the Elite Dragonfly line will be the first to get it with a model scheduled to drop by Q1 this year.

Customers who purchase a laptop with the feature will have to download the Tile app in order to be able to track missing laptops. The feature will appear on a handful of laptop models at first but will HP will gradually expand that range.

How it works

The app can record the last location of the laptop and then track it if missing. With or without WIFI and even if the laptop is powered off the technology is able to locate a missing laptop. Once the laptop is out of Bluetooth range from the device on which the Tile apps is installed on, Tile Tracking kicks in.

In those moments when you’re rushing out of the house and you forget to pick your laptop, the feature will notify you and save you the trouble of having to make the journey home from work and save you the embarrassment of getting to the presentation but your laptop has gone MIA.

The finding range for the laptop-integrated feature should be similar to the standalone version.

There’s no official statement about the pricing implication of the added feature though Elite Dragonfly is one of the company’s pricier models, starting at $1,500.

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