Husband seeks end to 18-year-old marriage over threat to life


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A 40-year-old man, Faromiki Temitope, on Friday asked an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve his 18-year-old  marriage to his wife, Idowu.

Temitope is seeking for dissolution of the marriage on grounds of threats to life, lack of rest of mind and disrespect for his family by his wife.

The petitioner, who reside at No 49, Nova road, Ado-Ekiti, told the court that they were in love with each other when they got married.

“Despite that my parents did not support our union, we love each other.

“I sponsored the education of my wife, so that she could be educated, I also established her business.

“But despite all my effort on her, my wife  always foment trouble,’’ the father of two told the court.

The petitioner said that his wife does not want his progress.

“As an electrical contractor, she would pick my phone, called my women customers and rain curses on them that I was dating them.

“There was a day in the night, she came to my room and alleged that I was dating women, she was holding a knife and threatened to kill me by cutting my manhood,’’ he said.

Temitope said that Idowu does not also respect members of his family.

“She always foment troubles with members of my family,’’ he said.

The petitioner urged the court to dissolve the union and award him the custody of the two children, a boy and girl, aged eight and four.

But the respondent, Idowu, 28, a resident of Olorunsogo area, Ado-Ekiti, denied the allegations levied against her.

“I am not a trouble make, I don’t foment troubles with my husband or his family members.

“Mother-in-law with other family members of my husband family don’t like me, since the day I  got married to my husband.

“My husband’s family alleged that I was behind my husband predicament, they say I did not want his progress,’’ she said.

The respondent said that her husband was having extra marital affairs.

“There was time, he brought a woman to our home, and the woman slept in our bedroom.

“My husband lied to his parents that I want to stab him with a knife in the night, which was not true,’’ she said.

The respondent said that it was the her husband family that told him to file for divorce.

She urged the court to award the custody of the children to her due to their age.

The president of the court, Mr Kayode Orejimi, adjourned the case till March. 13, for judgment.(NAN)

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