Husband Who Borrowed Money From Wife To Buy Girlfriend An iPhone 7 Responds


Husband to the woman who took to a relationship page on social media to air her hurt has replied to the allegations levelled against him by his wife.

He wrote:

Break or make I hear you save lives and marriages,it is time to prove it to me.

My wife wrote you a story few days back about how I bought my girlfriend the latest 7.

I must confess that it is very true but I need to state my reasons.

My wife just moved out of the house with my kids yesterday without a word,and I kept wondering what I did. She blocked me from all her phones and any means of reaching her, I had to call her mum, whom I complained to and she promised to get back to me before my girlfriend whom I bought the phone for drew my attention to your page and the story my wife posted.

I know she will see this and this is the only means I can explain myself to her.

I dated my girlfriend for 4 years but we did not get married because of health issues before I met my wife and we parted,We really loved each other so much that she vowed never to get married again in her life.

We have been in contact even while I was married,I never mean to hurt my wife but my girlfriend did nothing to me and I have been trying to let her go but I can’t. I bought her that phone because that was the first thing she has ever asked me after she got me a job,I felt indebted to her that was why I was willing to borrow money to buy her the phone.

Am very sorry cup cake, I know I hurt you real bad but we can talk this over,you can help me kill this feeling I feel and forget because it is not deliberate,I just feel I owe her because she is single cause of me.

Forgive me cup cake am very very sorry, it is not as bad as you think and she is willing to apologize to you. Am also willing to pay you back the money you borrowed me and buy you the same kind of 7 just to show you I love you.

I know you are hurt but as you read this, know that I will be home with no food, water, or even go out if you don’t come back. And if I don’t see you in 3days, I will take my own life because I can’t live without you by my side.

Forgive me please am very sorry . I love you and I miss my kids. Thanks Cc @break_or_makeup speechless ?? ”

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