HushPuppi: Nigerians drag arrested Instagram Slay King on the rugged streets of Twitter


Following the arrest of Hushpuppi, Instagram slay King, who was nabbed by INTERPOL, for siphoning hundreds of millions meant to cushion the effect of lockdown, Nigerians have come out in their numbers to blast the alleged godfather of all internet fraudsters.

Here are some of the reactions culled from Twitter,

I don’t think anyone ever believed Hushpuppi money was legit. The lavish lifestyle, show off and so many other things made it obvious.

One of the most amusing things about this Hushpuppi saga are his IG captions & quotes talmbout;

“God shame those waiting for me to be shamed”
“E pain them”
“Thank you God for the many blessings”
“I wear people’s mortgage” Alaye ontop fraud? Ontop frauddd?

I only hope Interpol will catch up with Mompha the same way they already did with Hushpuppi, this is the kind of energy we need.

I’ve always told my friends, nothing illegal ever lasts, it might seem legit at first but it always ends up bad if you resist the urge to stop.


I’m happy that Hushpuppi has been caught. Alot of young people wanted his levels OF questionable wealth, at least now they know there are consequences

Did you think his money was legit? If you do, I have one cream to sell to you that enlarges your pinis with one single rub


Interpol carry HushPuppi and Co, $100 iTunes card yahoo boys self kon dey Fear. Bro!!calm down , it’s not your set they’re looking for now


I’m happy Hushpuppi and his likes are getting arrested daily by interpol, Let other young Nigerians knw there are consequences for Fraud. You won’t knw the damages yahoo boys has done to this country until you are abt to get a job from a foreigner and tells him you are nigerian.


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