Hushpuppi reacts to Mompha Shade


Hushpuppi has responded to the veiled barb that his former friend turned foe, Mompha, threw at him this morning.

Recall that Mompha had purchased a 2018 Rolls Royce Wraith with N150m in cash and had taken to his social media to comment on it and shade Hushpuppi in the process.

He said; “Make i post the receipt before one fake ass broke Nigga that doesn’t have a tyre nor a building to his name will come and say my baby is on loan. Nigger that cannot pay common $5k since June, Onigbese ranu… 150 million naira no be child’s play”

Hushpuppi seems to be taking the high road in this matter and instead of a clapback, he congratulated Mompha on his latest acquisition.

He said;”Congratulations bro, more wins. Don’t ever think I haven’t paid my dues yet just because you haven’t seen my receipts. I had my own fair share of struggles through the journeys here.. I can only show you something beautiful, I can’t make you appreciate it.”

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