I Am Comfortable With the Way I Look – Dayo Amusa


Speaking in a recent interview with the Punch, Nollywood actress and singer Dayo Amusa said she is comfortable about her weight and has no intention of losing it. She also spoke on love, marriage and her potential husband.

On her weight, she said;

People who embarked on a weight loss journey have a reason to do so. Whatever looks I spot at a particular time has nothing to do with anyone as long as I am comfortable with myself. I might decide to lose weight tomorrow but for now, I love the way I am.

Love and marriage

Marriage is a good thing and is instituted by God. Married couples must always remember   that marriage is a good institution. Personally, I will never announce any details about my love life or marriage plans. It is a private affair.

Potential husband

The qualities I look out for in a guy are my personal business. I do not want it to look as if I am advertising what I want.

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