I did not receive N28M from Magu: Femi Falana Demands Retraction of NAN Publication

Tony Abu Momoh
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Human rights Lawyer and top law professional, Femi Falana (SAN), has denied receiving N28m from the embattled former acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu.

Mr. Magu is being investigated by special Presidential panel on allegations of corruption and abuse of office.

An online medium had carried a report from a government owned news agency, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), which said Magu could not account for interest accrued on N550bn recovered between 2015 and 2020.

The report also said the Presidential panel discovered acts of corruption and money laundering against seveeal EFCC officials inclusive of the embattled ex boss.

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Mr. Falana through his counsel, Adeyinja Olumide-Fusika, issued a pre-action letter stating that the newspaper retract the claim that he also received N28m from Ibrahim Magu as this notion was false.

Adeyinka demanded the retraction of the NAN story within 48 hours saying the article was damaging to his client who has devoted his entire life fighting for human rights as well as against corruption in high and low places.

The letter stated;

“In the circumstance, my immediate instruction is to demand that you acknowledge your wrongdoing, expressly admit that what you imputed against my client was false, and apologise for your unprofessionalism and the damage you have caused to him.

“I do hope that you will, within the next 48 hours, comply with this gentlemanly request by publication on the front page of your newspaper. Failing compliance, my instruction is to issue a Writ in the tort of defamation in other to afford you an opportunity to prove what you imputed against his my client’s character.”

The letter stated further that the newspaper article implied that Magu passed N28m to Femi Falana through a Bureau De Change operator.

It said; “the publication is damning against my client because his entire career as a lawyer has been devoted to fighting human rights abuses and corruption in high and low place.”

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