I Didn’t Post Our Sex Tape – Lekki Pastor Replies Ex-Lover


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The Presiding Pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly (ZOLA) in the Lekki area of Lagos State, Apostle Chris Omatsola, has denied allegations that he posted his sex video with his ex-lover, Tamaratokoni Okpe, to force her to marry him.

Okpe had accused Omatsola of posting the videos on the internet, after initially promising not to do so, to make other men lose interest in her.

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Reacting, Omatsola denied the allegation, saying he could not have done so as he had his reputation to protect.

He added that a video where he confessed to posting the videos was shot under duress.

He said, “I never did anything of that nature and she does not have anything to prove it (assault). How do you, a popular pastor with a church in Lekki Phase One, leak your own sex video with your face on it? How does that work?

“That video (confessional video) was done under duress because I was picked up by the same lady and she demanded N200m (from me) for leaking the video, which I did not leak. She has it on her phone and I have it on my phone. So, she picked me up. My dad and the lawyer agreed that I should do a (confessional) video and it was under duress.

“The police were there, the Investigating Police Officer was there; I am supposed to pay that girl N1m before the end of this month.

“This (sex) video came from an unknown telephone number. I started getting calls on Sunday morning while I was in church and somebody said my sex video was all over the Internet. I called the blog that posted it to take it down.

“The next day, the police came to arrest me for it. I went to the station and I was detained; my lawyer came to take my bail. I was taken to the police headquarters where I was told that part of the conditions for bail was for me to make that (confessional) video. I needed to do it to come out to defend myself. You can’t defend yourself in a cell.”

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