‘I don’t want to talk about Dino Melaye. The baby is okay.’ – Bisi Ibidapo-Obe


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Bisi Ibidapo –Obe is a Yoruba actress who has come a long way in the movie industry. She became a household name when she featured in a movie entitled: “Bisi Omologba Logba” from where she derived her nickname. In this interview with AJIBADE ALABI,she speaks on issues bordering on the movie industry and other personal issues. Excerpts:

You are now a mother. How do you feel?
In fact, this is the greatest thing to have happened to me. I am exceedingly happy to be a mother.  I am so grateful to God that He has counted me among mothers. This is what I have wished for all my life. Motherhood is sweet.

You will agree with me that the  beginning of your pregnancy was full of scandals as the man you said was the father of your child refused to accept it. Tell us without mincing words how you feel.
It was shocking and I felt bad, but during that period, I didn’t allow it to worry me too much. My primary aim then was to have a safe delivery and to God’s glory, I was able to have that. The scandal was too much then, but I didn’t allow it to affect me.
When the supposed father rejected the pregnancy, did you feel like aborting it?
Never! I rebuke that in Jesus’ name. This was what I had craved for.  This is what many rich men and women cannot afford to buy and I got it on a platter of gold. I didn’t think about that. I know it is a gift from God. Why should I remove it? You needed to see me then. I flaunted it anywhere and everywhere. Although, attempt was made by some people to get it terminated but the God that I worship did not allow this to happen.

Who are those people?
I wouldn’t want to talk about it. I was attacked physically and spiritually, but thank God, He proved Himself to them.

Right now the baby is here. What is the relationship between you and Melaye?
Relationship? Seriously, I wouldn’t want to talk about it. What is more important is that the baby is alive and I pray to God to give me long life to take good care of her. As I said earlier, she is a gift from God.

Okay, we understand you don’t want to talk about her father.  Right now, you are the mother and the same time the father. What is your plan for her?
Every mother has very good plan for her child but I don’t think you expect me to start revealing that on the pages of newspaper.  I have a good plan for her but this is between my God and myself, God has never disappointed me and I am sure He will not do that now; He has proved to me how mighty and wonderful He is.

When do we expect you back in the industry?
Very soon, very soon, you will see me back in the industry

Many negative stories were written about you in the past. Which one of them would you say hit you the most?
The one that was written sometime ago by one magazine that I slept with a waiter in a 5- Star hotel in the United States while I went there to see my boyfriend hit me the most because as at the time of the story, I was here in Lagos.

In fact, I hadn’t obtained my visa. So I wondered what was the source of that story. Even my boyfriend came to Nigeria to check my international passport, thinking that I came to the US without his knowledge.

Going back to the issue of the purported father of your child and with what you went through, do you still believe in love?
Why not? For the fact that a man once broke your heart does not mean that you should not pick up the pieces of your heart and move on with your life. And that doesn’t stop you from giving it to another man. But I need to be careful with the kind of man I open my heart to now.

Is Bisi still very romantic?
Very romantic and emotional.

What has the pregnancy issue taught you about life?
It has taught me that not everybody that calls you friend is really your friend. It has taught me to be wary of people. It has taught me that human beings could be so deceptive. I can go on and on.

Tell us about your growing up days, your background.
I was born here in Lagos, I am actually from Ondo State, but I was born in Surulere,Lagos. I went to both primary and secondary schools in Ikorodu, (Muslim Primary School and United Secondary School all in Ikorodu).

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