I Have Slept With More Than 100 Married Men – Lady Claims


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A 47-year-old lady was lambasted on Tuesday by a television audience after she disclosed that she had slept with more than hundred married men and she does not have any regrets doing so.

Gweneth Lee, a financial consultant from Chelsea, London, revealed this on a British TV show This Morning.

Lee, an ex-model, disclosed that she met the man on a dating site and all of them were in long, sexless marriages.

She added that her encounters with the men helped save their marriages.

Asked how she knew if she helped save the marriages, Lee said many of the men told her so.

She further said that many of the men craved the sexual encounters because their relationship with their wives had changed as work, children and repetitive sex had left them dissatisfied.

She explained, “More than one man I’ve been with has said ‘Having an affair with you has made our whole life so much more relaxed.’

“It’s taken the pressure off the wife who, maybe after 25, 30 years of marriage, they’re not into him anymore and he only has sex with his wife on his birthday, Christmas or their wedding anniversary, and she’s miserable doing it, she just doesn’t want to do it anymore.”

She added, “Marriage is very challenging, you can be with the most wonderful loving person but after 25 years you’ve hung from the chandeliers you’ve done all the crazy stuff and its hard to keep it spicy and exciting.”

However, many of the programme’s audience took to their Twitter handles to describe her as a “homewrecker” and “shameless woman”.

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