“I left N75bn in Anambra coffers” – Peter Obi refutes N7bn bribery allegation

John Ogunsemore
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Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi says it is untrue that he demanded a bribe of N7 billion to install his successor, Willie Obiano.

He said he left N75 billion in the state’s coffers, wondering how he could then turn around to ask Obiano to give him N7 billion out of it.

Obi said that more than seven years after he left office, the Obiano-led government has not given him anything in form of entitlement or gift.

“Since I left Anambra State government seven years ago, I have not been given anything, not even a sachet of water by the state government. I still go about my duties, giving donations to schools.

“Not even a letter of commendation or even a Christmas or birthday card has been given to me by the state government. I am, however, not bothered because that is not why I am in politics. I am in politics to contribute to the growth of the country.

“Go and ask anybody, I don’t collect gifts to do favour to people. If you have gift for me, please give it to the needy around you. All the people I have helped to win election, I have never asked for anything in return.

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“That is why I feel pained that somebody could say I demanded N7 billion for putting a governor in office. How can you leave N75bn for someone and turn around to tell him to give you N7bn out of it? That does not make sense. My interest in politics is for the right people to be elected, so that our society will be good,” Obi told PDP stakeholders in Anambra on Wednesday.

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