“I may harm any Nigerian leader I sight in America” – Femi Ogedengbe


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Acclaimed filmmaker, Femi Ogedengbe who recently made headlines after it was revealed he is currently working as a security guard in the United States of America has lambasted Nigerian leaders past and preset, and threatened to deal with them on sight should he spot them in the North American country.

Ogedengbe visibly annoyed by comments from young Nigerians over the  articles in the social media which seemed to belittle his current occupation in the USA, said that Nigerian youth had gotten it wrong and he had not in fact fallen from grace. He said the security guard job came loaded with benefits that the average Nigerian youth may never experience in Nigeria.

He angrily blasted the  state of affairs in the country.

“How I wish they could park planes in Ojuelegba, or Holy Ghost in Enugu. Let them tell them that ticket is free to America. You will see how many people will leave that shithole. Nigeria is a country I am sorry to say is a shithole. If it is not a shithole why is everybody running away from that place. The only people making money, thriving in Nigeria are politicians, ritualists and fraudsters.”

“I left Nigeria at 46 and look at me now, my wife and children are better for it. Now we are beginning to live like human beings, back in Nigeria we lived like animals. It is a shithole country.”

“Do you know how many Nigerians are working as security guards in USA, We were 63 people. Graduates, great celebrities, musicians, people with 2, 3 masters degree? I thank God we are working in America as security, it is better for our relatives back home.

“Even gardening job here in America, I will do it as long as it puts food on my table and ensures a brighter future for my family. Unlike in Nigeria where you are doomed.

“All these evil leaders from Atiku to Buhari to Obasanjo. All of you, you are evil, step aside. Let people like Donald Duke, Pat Utomi, Fela Durotoye take control of the affairs of Nigeria.

“Why do you think people are trekking to Libya to go and perish in the Mediterranean sea? Because there is no hope in that country. You people are a shame. All the leaders. God punish you. How I wish I will see somebody who is a leader and  you come to America, you say you want to speak to the Nigerian community. May God not let me come near any of you in this country because if I come close to you, one slap will make sure you know how angry Nigerians are. I am not afraid of any repercussions.”

See his video here:

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