I Never Divorced Her – Late Aisha Abimbola’s Husband

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Ibrahim Okunola, the husband of late Nollywood actress Aisha Abimbola aka ‘Omoge Campus’, has said that although he was separated from her for seven years, he never divorced her.

Abimbola’s remains were laid to rest in Canada last week, although her colleagues in the movie industry back home held a service of songs and prayer session for her back home.

But speaking with The Punch, Okunola, who is also an actor, said his long-term separation from his late wife fuelled rumours that he had divorced her.

He said the insinuations making the rounds were misleading and erroneous.

Okunola said, “It is a lie that we had divorced. We had not lived together for about seven years but we were still legally married till she died. The reason we were separated is a family issue. I would miss her till I die because she was a virtuous mother and a go-getter. I gave her the nickname, Magic Aisha because she had a way of achieving her dreams and goals. She was someone that would give you her shoulder to lean on and her listening ears no matter what you are going through. Even when she was not in my house again, if I had any issue in life, I always called her.”



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