I slapped Akpabio for Attempted Sexual Harassment – EX NDDC MD Joy Nunieh


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The former acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Joy Nunieh has alleged that she slapped the Honourable Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio for attempted sexual harassment.

Akpabio and Joy Nunieh have been having a running media war of words with accusations and counter accusations of corruption and abuse of office flying back and forth.

Ms. Nunieh had accused the Minister of orchestrating the grand corruption being investigated at the NDDC. She also accused the minister of trying to make her swear an oath to perform illegalities on his behalf as well as blowing up several pipelines to cover up evidence of his corruption.

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In his response, Akpabio alleged that she had temperament issues which could be confirmed by four ex-husbands. He also accused her of not having an NYSC certificate which was why she was removed from office. He advised her to see a doctor to have her head checked.

In her latest accusation which she made during an interview session on Arise TV, Ms. Nunieh said the Minister attempted to assault her sexually at his guest house in Apo, Abuja.

She said; “Why did he not tell Nigerians that I slapped him in his guest house at Apo? I am the only woman that slapped Akpabio. He thought he could come up on me. He tried to harass me sexually.”

I slapped him. He tried to come on me. I am an Ogoni woman and nobody jokes with us. I showed Akpabio that Rivers women do not tolerate nonsense.”

She then went ahead to accuse Akpabio of attempting to inflate the budget of the NDDC. She said he ordered her to include several projects from the Refugee Commission into the NDDC budget but she refused.

“Akpabio wrote me to put a list of projects from the refugee commission in the budget of NDDC. Refugee commission is another federal government commission for IDPs,” she said.

How do you tell me to put some of their projects in the NDDC budget when we have so many things to do in the Niger Delta? How do you explain that?”

She also alleged that Akpabio asked her to convert the dollars in the account of the NDDC, sack the head of the legal team, remove directors who refuse to follow her instructions and implicate the chairman of the senate committee on the NDDC, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

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