“I thought war broke out” – Nigerian footballer in Beirut narrates experience


A Nigerian footballer in Lebanon, Ifeanyi Vincent has explained how he thought he was going to die following twin explosions that rocked the Beirut port close to his residence.

The Tuesday blast, one of the most deadly in recent history, has so far left 100 persons dead and no fewer than 4,000 others injured, according to local media quoting the Red Cross.

More than 100 persons have also been declared missing, raising fears that the death toll could rise significantly.

Vincent has been in the Lebanese capital since January 2020 for trials but has yet to get a contract due largely to COVID-19 restrictions.

Explaining how it happened, the footballer said, “I can tell you that I’m really close to the spot of the blast. I’m in Dora in Beirut, where the blast happened. We were all confused, there were thick dark smokes everywhere, then the major blast happened and it was just like a smash on the face.

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“The first thing that came to my mind was that war had started. I was in a hotel and I was scared that the building was going to sink, and that I was going to die. Everywhere was shaking and the walls and roofs were trembling.

“Everything was scary and confusing. I don’t wish this for any country. It was a very terrible day.

“I ran out almost immediately because I thought staying inside was not going to help me. Everyone was outside trying to figure out what had happened.

“People were running, buildings were destroyed, it was really terrible.”


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