“I want us to live in peace and harmony” — Basket Mouth seeks AY Makun’s forgiveness

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Renowned comedian and actor, Basket Mouth, took to the X platform to publicly seek forgiveness from his long-time adversary and fellow comedian, AY Makun. The heartfelt video, posted on Basket Mouth’s profile page, began with a general apology to everyone within the industry whom he might have unintentionally offended, expressing his sincere regrets for any actions that may have impacted their careers in any capacity.

Basket Mouth

However, the focus of his apology turned towards AY Makun, whom he fondly referred to as “his guy.” Basket Mouth acknowledged the uncertainty of whether AY would accept his apology but proceeded to express his regrets for any past actions that may have affected his colleague. Although he neither denied nor confirmed allegations against him, Basket Mouth emphasized that he was truly sorry, leaving it to divine judgment for the ultimate truth.

Basket Mouth’s statement included, “I want you to know that I’ve forgiven you for whatever you said, knowingly or unknowingly. I just want us to live in peace and harmony.”

AY Makun

This public display of remorse has sparked diverse reactions among Nigerians. Many commended Basket Mouth for his humility and believed it was a genuine attempt at reconciliation. However, some skeptics raised the possibility that the apology might be a strategic move to garner attention for an upcoming show.

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