“I was happy, now see what it has cost me”- Kosisochukwu complains about failed laser treatment

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A Nigerian woman, identified as Kosisochukwu took to her Instagram page @lovely_kimani to complain about a stretch mark removal procedure that had gone bad, which left her skin damaged.

She wrote: “I went for stretch mark removal at @rixariskinsecrets and the person did not tell me how it would look like. She used a machine on me and it gave me marks i can never remove.

I went back to her to ask for a refund, but she refused. My friends said the spots are everlasting..

I was bullied by guys, so when I saw her page, I was happy that I could remove my stretch marks, now see what it has cost me.”

Kosisochukwu also added a video of the damaged skin.

Kosisochukwu later took to Instagram to apologize for her actions, as she was quick to action, and the wounds were actually healing nicely, plus the treatment worked. She pleaded with @instablog9ja to take the incriminating video down.

The CEO of the beauty company released a statement following the allegation, the treatment is know as Ablative stretchmarks Laser resurfacing removal, it is a procedure whereby ‘striae’ (stretchmarks) are removed via laser resurfacing. It works by removing the top layer of the skin to help restructure the overlaying skin. The procedure involves use of beam lights in concentrated amounts to destroy the upper layer of the skin.

She made it known that the patient was informed of the procedure, also the effect and was recommended antibiotics and vitamins, she was also told  not to apply water to the treated  area as it would slow the recovery, the patient then asked for codeine, which she was strongly advised against, but she still went ahead to take the drug.

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laser gone bad

The CEO Rita Ebigbagba also acknowledged the fact that she made follow up calls with the patient after the procedure, and her recovery was going fine, although Kosisochukwu had confessed to her that she was not sticking to her drugs as she could not afford them, and she had a bad habit of picking the wound.

Later on, Kosisochukwu called her to request for a refund  as she was not going through with the second leg of the procedure, but according to the companies policy, they did not allow refund, but the customer was allowed to pick anything in the shop of her choosing that would round up to that amount. The original price to be refunded was N35,000, nut Kosisochukwu ended up picking its worth N43,000.

The company kept doing routine check-ups with Kosisochukwu, up until October 8th 2019, when the company found out that Kosisochukwu had dragged their name to social media, making complaints of the Laser treatment that they had performed on her.

Kosisochukwu replied with a post on Instagram,, calling Rita a very wicked woman, and how the company is trying to cover up their negligence with lies.

laser gone wrong



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