Damsel Maima In Distress? Iceprince to the rescue!


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Chocolate city Rapper Iceprince Zamani has showed the world that cheap rumors cannot end the strong bond he shares with his girlfriend, Ghanaian model, Maima Nkewa.

The Loopy Music affiliate publicly defended her in the face of cheating allegations on social media this week.

Maima was tagged a cheat on instagram after she captioned her undying love for her boyfriend, Iceprince, who is the Vice President of premium record label, Chocolate City.

According to the Instagram user who accused her of cheating, Maima has allegedly been cheating on Iceprince with an Abuja-based man identified as only Akinbode.

The accuser further alleged that Akin sponsored her recent trips to Paris and London, as well as some of her piercings (speaking about the people that sponsor pretty girls). The slanderer then shared a photo of Maima and her second lover to buttress his allegations.

Iceprince who seems to be handling it quite well has dispelled the rumors via his twitter account, he insinuated that people are trying hard to break his relationship. He also added that a beautiful women will always have other men on their case.

Go Iceprince, the lover!

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