I’ll succeed El-Rufai as Kaduna governor with or without money – Shehu Sani


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Senator for Kaduna Central in the 8th Senate, Shehu Sani says he will be governor of Kaduna State with the backing of the masses, irrespective of whether he has money or not.

The activist stated this during an appearance on a radio programme monitored in Kaduna.

He confirmed he would be joining the gubernatorial race in 2023.

Sani said, “We sat with my loyalists and supporters and they wanted me to contest the governor(ship) of Kaduna state which I will do to remove APC, God willing; to remove anointed candidate of the state governor and to enter Government House where Comrade will be sworn in as the next governor that will bring changes, that will clean all the dirt they brought in the state in the name of development.

“I will bring security. This is what my supporters wanted and I trust them. So, I will contest the governorship seat under the PDP. Therefore, I call on the people of Kaduna to support and collaborate with me.

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“I also solicit for their prayers; I need the prayers of religious leaders, marketers, physically challenged, women and youths. You voted for Malam as Governor what remains now is to have a comrade as a governor so as to see the difference between us.”

“You must reject the anointed candidate ‎of those who demolished your houses. Support us to see how we form a government that respects the will of the poor in the state.”

Sani noted that he did not have money to throw around in the name of electioneering but will emerge victorious nonetheless.

“I don’t have money to share to delegates to vote for me, money politics is what brought the country into the mess under the ruling party.

“If the masses decide to vote for me, with or without money, I will win,” the activist said.

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