Ilorin Traders Protest Against Old Market Excos Over

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Protests have greeted  the Pharmacy Tuntun market in the Ilorin,Kwara state as market women and men at Oja Tuntun, in the Ilorin during the weekend, rallied against the state government forcing certain people on them as excos to regulate that goings on in the market.

The protest which halted social and economic activities for hours at a stretch  had protesters brandishing placards and chanting in unison.

Their feelings were expressed on their placards scribbled with phrases”: No to tribalism in Oja Tuntun, we are one Nigeria; We don’t want the old excos; Omodara don’t tarnish Saraki’s image; Omodara be careful.”

One of the market executives, Ayilara Kehinde,in a discussion with the press  informed us that the present Chairperson of Ilorin West Local Government had promised to give a reallocation to some displaced traders to trade, however three years down the line, the promise has yet to be fulfilled.

“These old women use their businesses to cater for their children. We have been contributing money to pay our security men and for maintenance of the market. Now, they want to collect money for security. To that, we say no. said Ayilara

“We don’t have water, no toilets, and there are bad roads. We pay N1000 monthly for maintenance and despite, that we enjoy nothing as amenities,” the traders said.To further push the agenda of the protest, a vote of no confidence  has been passed  in the old executives due the failure to carry out its duties efficiently.

Speaking on the issue,  the chairperson of the local government, Mrs O. Omoda urged the aggrieved party  to exercise patience as the matter was being reviewed the  state government  for a possible solution to douse the tension.

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