“I’m a healthcare worker, not a cleaner” – Viral senior banker who relocated to UK


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Florence Obi, a Nigerian who quit her senior banking job to relocate to the United Kingdom, has denied that she is a cleaner in her new country.

Obi, whose TikTok name is @floxyobi1, said this while debunking the claims made in some online reports that went viral on Friday.

A TikTok video of Ms. Obi holding a mop while dressed in a blue uniform sparked the reports that she was a cleaner.

Instablog on Twitter shared a screenshot of one of the reports on Sunday, prompting a video rebuttal from her.

She tagged the video: “I am a healthcare worker, but even if I was truly a cleaner as u said, do u know cleaners here earn more than medical directors and bank managers in Nigeria?

“The security we enjoy, the good schools our kids attend, the free healthcare system, the standard of living, good road etc.”

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