“I’m going through a lot” – Lady molested by brother, teacher

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A lady identified simply as Ashley has taken to social media to recall how she was molested by her brother and teacher.

Ashley, who shared the emotional story on Twitter, disclosed that her brother molested her when she was 10 years old and he was 15.

She further explained that although she reported the incident to their mother, nothing was done about it.

This, she said, made her not bother to report it when her school teacher also molested her.

According to her, both incidents have left deep scars in her life, sometimes pushing her to the verge of suicide.

Read her emotional story below:

I was fingered one night by my brother. I felt something, woke up and he pretended to be covering me with my blanket. I went to my parents room to tell my mum what happened. She didn’t even ask for details. She just told me to go wear tights and sleep. I was in upper primary then.

We just moved on like nothing ever happened. I don’t know whether they reprimanded him or not. But it was never ever brought up till date

I was made to feel like it’s my fault for sleeping without tights. But really who wears tights to bed? And they sent me off on a school trip the next day.

Later i was molested by my teacher. And for the fear of my mum rubbishing it, i never told anyone. He did it multiple times. He introduced me to porn videos.

Later, he was sacked from our school for doing same to another girl in my class and everyone in the school knew but me.

I’m going through a lot. I can’t even have sex because anytime i get close to even making out with someone all these memories come back to me and I start crying like a baby.

And i carry all this pain and bitterness deep within me. My family did nothing to protect me or even create an atmosphere to make me feel like I was understood.
Once, my mum found in a diary that i felt she hated me and she beat me so much.

I thought getting material stuff would bring me some happiness but no. For some reason , I also push people away that I have no one to talk to, no real friends , nothing. The only thing i get right is academics. I want to end my life sometimes because it’s really unbearable

On the outside, I’m just this normal person going about life like it’s all good. Everything looks just okay but deep down, it’s hell. The times i cry myself to sleep, sometimes i scream, others i stay indoors to avoid people because I don’t want anyone to know my issues.


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