I’m Happy To Be Free – Popular Catholic Bishop Reveals After Resigning From Priesthood

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A popular Catholic Bishop in Akwas Ibom has stated that he is happy to be free after turning his resignation letter in.

The Catholic Bishop, Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet made this known after he resigned from priesthood.

Speaking during a live Radio Program on Planet FM in Uyo today, the cleric noted that he had been faced with all kinds of condemnation because of his calling.

Noting that his resignation has brought him joy and much relief, the cleric stated that he came to the conclusion that resigning from priesthood is the only move he could have made to solve all his problems.

He stated that his decision comes as part of his oath to be loyal and law abiding to the Catholic priesthood and the Church hierarchy.

Speaking during the radio programme, the cleric stated: “From Today Henceforth, I cease to be a Catholic Priest, in my spirit and in my soul… I forgive those who will criticize me, I live for God…I seek freedom for my soul. As I leave, I leave smiling, I AM SO HAPPY THAT I AM FREE.”

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