Immigration Service Deport 300 People Arrested in Niger State


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As many as 300 people arrested by the Nigeria Immigration Service and will be deported from the country. The 300 were a huge part of the 500 immigrants arrested by the Immigration Service in Niger state. They were unable to produce sufficient evidence of their Nigerian heritage and were therefore declared illegal immigrants and would be deported from the country.

The remainder of the people are still being screened to certify the authenticity of the documents with which then gained entry into the country and if deemed insufficient, they too will be deported.

In a raid on the locations of the illegal immigrants in Minna, Bida, Kontagora, Suleja and Paiko towns, the officials of the immigration service also discovered that those apprehended were not gainfully employed in any trade or business in the communities in which they were staying.

Most of the aliens were from Niger republic and were involved in the selling of water in kegs or ‘mairuwa’ as they are usually called.

The Comptroller of Immigration in the state, Mr David Adi, who paraded the illegal immigrants before newsmen in Minna at the weekend, explained that since those arrested were not gainfully employed they could become ‘security risks’ to their host communities and therefore need to be deported for the safety of the people.

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