Impeached Kogi deputy gov kicks as Onoja takes oath today


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Emerging reports by Daily Trust have claimed that Edward Onoja would take oath as Yahaya Bello deputy governor today, Monday, October 21.

The reports stated that the swearing in of Onoja would come up after he is screened by the state House Assembly.

The impeached deputy governor of  state, Elder Simon Achuba, said he was treated like a common criminal moments after the State House of Assembly made its pronouncement about his removal.

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Achuba said the state was fast degenerating into a “banana republic” where lawlessness reigned supreme.

According to him, moments after “the purported impeachment” by the state assembly, his security details were withdrawn and policemen thereafter barricaded his official residence in Lokoja keeping him under “house arrest”.

He said not quite long after, the power supply to his official residence was disconnected and that he tried to salvage the situation by asking his technician to put on the generator only for some “armed men” to storm the house and remove the battery leaving him in darkness.

Achuba said following the development and the emerging security concerns, he had to make arrangements to move out with few of his personal effects while all his vehicles parked in the residence were not allowed to be moved out.

He said: “I don’t have access to them. We are living almost in a banana republic where those at the helm of affairs rule the people according to their will and nothing according to the law and oath of office they have taken.

“I was said to have been removed. While I was at home that day, they say there was a police vehicle by my gate.

“I asked what they were doing. They told me they were sent to barricade my gate. I said why and they said I have been removed.

“Nobody was allowed to come in and nobody was allowed to go out which means I am under house arrest.

“And you must have heard the commissioner of police who said he did so (because I read online too).

“That he asked the police to come to my house to protect my house and to avoid looting.

“Before this time, I didn’t know they have called my aide-de-camp and all the security personnel that were with me; they withdrew them.

“I was left bare without any protection and at the mercy of those he (CP) sent (whether they were policemen, I wouldn’t know). So, I had to lock my door and stay inside. After a while, my light was disconnected.”

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