5 Impressive Benefits of Coconuts on Human Health


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Many of us are yet to fully explore the sea of potential health benefits associated with the regular consumption of coconuts.

Coconuts go beyond what you see as the side image of a beach party advert. They have several uses; for skin and hair health, in the kitchen, at the bakery etc.

They are tropical fruits that have been grown for thousands of years and seem to constantly maintain value.

Let’s take a quick look at how they benefit human health.

  • High nutrition profile

Coconuts are brilliant sources of fat, protein, key minerals, moderate B vitamins, carbohydrates and fibre. The mineral content in them benefits both our bone health and body metabolism – manganese is particularly responsible for this feat. Other essential minerals like iron and copper also assist in the formation of red blood cells.

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  • Blood sugar regulation

While relatively low in carbohydrates, coconuts boast high amounts of amino acids, healthy fat and fibre; all of which act to control and stabilize blood sugar. Its high fibre content can also assist in slowing down digestion and boosting insulin resistance, reducing your risk of diabetes.

  • Extremely versatile

From coconut rice and coconut chips to even coconut bread, this fruit lets you have a pick on all. Note that our meals play a key role when it comes to mood or state of mind. What do I mean? Eating something nice can make you happy and coconut gives you a variety of choices. You can incorporate coconut into your diet with the utmost ease. Shredded coconut can be taken with oats or cereal, coconut flour can be used for baking, coconut oil can be used for roasting and so on.

  • Beneficial to heart health

Studies have shown that coconut has regulatory effects on cholesterol levels. It also helps to chop down visceral mass. Both factors are known to contribute greatly to the developments of various heart diseases and diabetes.

  • Enriched with Powerful antioxidants

Coconuts are endowed with powerful phenolic compounds called antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect our cells from oxidative damage by destroying free moving radicals that may pose harmful threats. They also help to curb cell death and protect the body against life-threatening diseases.

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