India: Student wear boxes on their head during exams to prevent cheating

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A school in India has come under heavy criticism from social media after a leaked photo of a trial run of an anti-examination malpractice measure in which students were made to wear cardboard boxes on their head to limit vision angle went viral on Facebook today.

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The photo was leaked by a staff member but the school has explained that the act was carried out with parental consent and that not all students of the school participated. The participants did so voluntarily and were made to remove the carton boxes within half-an-hour to a maximum of an hour.

The Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, in India’s southwestern Karnataka state, implemented a trial run of the new measure last Wednesday, according to school management head M.B. Sateesh.

The examination malpractice rate was at an all high in India last year. Schools and examination bodies have been working on measures to reduce and the trend to the barest minimum. The school management apologized to the public after reactions to the photo on social media attracted the attention of government agencies.

S. Suresh Kumar, the state education minister, said in a tweet that the school’s practice was “unacceptable.”
“Nobody has any right to treat anybody more so students like animals,” Kumar wrote. “This (perversion) will be dealt with aptly.”
The school has provided authorities with a written explanation of the trial and an apology, Sateesh said.
The school in a detailed explanation of the exercise provided to government agency explains that of the 72 students writing midterm exams today only 52 took part in the exercise.

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