Indian Man Snatches Stranger’s Child And Dives Under Train


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An Indian man in Germany also a failed asylum seeker snatched a five-year-old son of a stranger from his mother’s arms before leaping with him beneath the wheels of an oncoming train.

The incident happened at Wuppertal train station in western Germany, The Indian man lay on the track clutching the child as the train rolled over them.

The man was due to be deported next month he had arrived in Germany in March 2010.

Media stations speculate he may have been attempting to get himself injured to prevent being deported. However, there was no incentive for taking the child with him.

The boy suffered minor injuries, but his would-be killer was unharmed as the train rolled harmlessly above them.

His mother, who was on the platform with her other children aged one and three, was comforted by fellow travellers as medics pulled her son to safety.

Police say the attacker is ‘known’ to them and had attempted suicide before.

“The family were complete strangers to him. He simply walked up to them, grabbed the little boy without a word,” police said.

“Then he jumped from the platform to track number five and ran towards the incoming train on track nine.

“The driver made an emergency stop. But the first wagon rolled over them both.

“The boy only has abrasions. The man remained unharmed. He is now being investigated for attempted murder in a psychiatric facility.”

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