Indonesia Approves New Penalty For Child Rapists


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Indonesia, being the blackspot for Australian paedophiles has moved to stop the rampant crime by passing into bill a new penalty for child rapists and molesters.

The new law became very essential following a reported gang rape and eventual murder of a 14-year-old girl.

The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo during the week announce a new penalty that allows judges to sentence convicted child rapists and sexual offenders to death or chemical castration.

According to the Indonisian President, the announced punishment is to be effective immediately and integrated into the judicial system.

The President added that additional punishments include public announcement of the sex offender’s identity.

The president in his announcement said: “We all mourn the tragic death of [Yuyun]. Catch and severely punish the perpetrators. Women and children must be protected from violence,” Mr Joko tweeted after Yuyun’s death.

“(This) will give room for judges to issue the heaviest sentence on perpetrators of sexual offences on children,” Mr Joko said. “We hope this regulation will provide a deterrent effect … and bring down the number of sexual offences committed against children.”

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